Yama – Tales of Shonai

After shows of Yama in Yamagata, Tokyo (Japan Times article), and London in collaboration with SOAS Minyo Group(review), we are currently workshopping more of Shonai’s folktales to share with London and European audiences.

Yama – Tales of Shonai
Original tales collected by Hiroshi Hatakeyama
Translated and arranged by Doubtful Sound

Japanese theatre group Doubtful Sound, in collaboration with the SOAS Minyo Group, present Yama: a bi-lingual collection of traditional stories and songs from the prefecture of Yamagata in Northern Japan.

The eclectic tales are about people swallowing birds, foxes arguing over an old man’s tumour, regional lying competitions, a woman who never eats, complaints from the Lord of the Underworld, terrifying testicles, and a young woman plotting the death of her mother-in-law. Yama stirs up fresh, new and exciting images of a forgotten Japan. 

If you’d like us in your city, please email doubtfulsound.tokyo@gmail.com to talk about us performing Japanese folktales in 2017.